provides place-based, topic-driven social network by SMS in the United States and Kenya. The solution allows users to connect together around place and common topics of interests. Text messages are automatically exchanged based on user's location, overlay of sharing circle between users and message keywords. Please see SMS Instructions Page (above) to register your mobile phone and start your account.

If you have already registered your mobile phone you can use mobile version to send text messages, change your settings or post content to your account

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    We are a UK based online magazine. Excited to be part of something that's going to be, and needs to be, BIG!

    Sign me up. I'm a writer who covers sustainability - food and other. Also an enthusiastic cook.

    I may be an idiot, but I can't get anything out of Twitterator. No lists, no automatic following, nothing but an error message. Care to post instructions?


    Thank you for your comment. Please read the post carefully again. It will give you instructions how to get the list and join the list. In the post look closely but next to the "sun" you'll see a scroll bar. Use the scroll bar to scroll down and enter you information in the form. When done hit submit. You name will now be added to the list and you'll see a link to get a list of twitter account names that have already joined the list. Copy the names and go to and paste the list into form.

    I know its not the best but it works.

    I've also sent you the list in email with these same instructions. Please let me know if you continue to have problems

    Hungry Gardener

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