provides place-based, topic-driven social network by SMS in the United States and Kenya. The solution allows users to connect together around place and common topics of interests. Text messages are automatically exchanged based on user's location, overlay of sharing circle between users and message keywords. Please see SMS Instructions Page (above) to register your mobile phone and start your account.

If you have already registered your mobile phone you can use mobile version to send text messages, change your settings or post content to your account

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    Will definitely give it a try.

    Thank you! Yes, please do. We just made a change that removed the necessity of starting each text message to 5557 with the word - kenya - This change may have introduced error(s) into the system. This is why we really appreciate help in testing the service in Kenya.

    Would you be interested in helping us do on-going testing of the SMS/mobile service. We need about 3 - 5 dependable testers that can run through instructions almost on daily basis to help us ensure the service is working properly. Over next two (2) weeks we will be integrating all the features (such as message match) and they will have to be tested.

    I would be happy to top-up your mobile account or make m-pesa payment to you to cover your text message cost in testing the service.

    Once you register your can send us a text message to our USA mobile phone by texting - 4 brip + your message - to 5557 or log-in to and use the /message feature to send message to - brip.

    Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you. I am now following you on twitter @hungrygarden

    I'm currently on leave so I wouldn't mind participating in the tests, provided it doesn't take a significant portion of my day. As for the texting costs, we can discuss that after the tests since I'm on a post-paid line.
    You may be interested in knowing that 2go, an SMS service that integrates with Facebook, is currently very popular. That can give u some guidance on what may cut as u plan to launch your service.

    Thank you! Your testing would be very helpful to us. The heart of Next 2 is our automatic match and exchange of text message between users based on location, sharing circle and topics of interest. I will take a look at 2go. Next 2 also has a mobile version the allows for sending and receive text messages from the mobile version software.

    Right now we need at least one person to register and do all 7 Next 2 commands via SMS to 5557. Once we know all the commands are working properly in Kenya then we can integrate message match feature.

    The time involved should not take but 10 - 20 minutes maximum. It will be faster once you understand how Next 2 works. You should receive a reply text message to every command except the direct text command - 4 user_name

    Thank you. You can find all the commands at the top left of this blog under SMS commands. We really appreciate you help.

    You can start by texting - reg name location - to 5557. Once you have done that we will see you in our system and text message your account. Or, you can text - 4 brip + your message - to 5557. This will come to our mobile phone and we will reply.

    Thank you.

    Hello i'm eric .I have been testing this application here in kenya. I would have to say some of the things are not working . For instance when i send a private message with a key word want im getting this error message ("Command Not know, try again. For help text word help to 5557 or go to I think this is a great idea and i would love to test it . Thanks

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